Southern Flinders Health Advisory Council

The aim of the Southern Flinders Health Advisory Council is to provide an appropriate range of services that are coordinated, cost effective, flexible and responsive to community Need. Our focus over the last few years has been the enhancement of community based and aged care services, particularly in the community and home environment.  

We are the health FACE for our community.

Our role is to:

  • Facilitate discussion in our community about health issues, priorities and needs.
  • Advise and advocate on behalf of the community
  • Communicate and consult with the community and with Country Health SA on behalf of the community.
  • Engage with the community and evaluate progress.

Southern Finders Health Advisory Council also holds accounts for the Health services in Crystal Brook, Gladstone and Laura, for receipt of donations and bequests.

Southern Flinders Health is a Multi Purpose Service which aims to provide flexibility in the provision of aged care services.

Southern Flinders Health also provides women with comprehensive maternal care throughout pregnancy, birth and post-natally through an innovative model of care.


The Southern Flinders Health Advisory Council can include:

  • Up to 8 community members
  • Nominee of local government
  • A local member of Parliament or his or her nominee
  • A medical practitioner member
  • A worker from Country Health SA




Brian Higgins
Presiding Member
Southern Flinders Health Advisory Council
C/- Crystal Brook and District Hospital
Edmund Terrace

Current members

Member Name
Presiding Member Brian Higgins
Local member of Parliament Kerry White
Local government nominee Kathy Webb
Medical practitioner representative Helen Robertson
Staff representative Bronwyn Perry
Community representatives Catherine Klinger
Colin Raison
Colleen Slattery
Janene Crawford
John Slattery
Llyndell Duffy
Lorraine Griffin


Meeting information

The Southern Flinders Health Advisory Council meets on 4th Thursday of every alternate month at 5.30 pm and rotates between Laura and Crystal Brook health units.

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