Quorn Health Services Health Advisory Council

Health Advisory Councils provide advice to their local Health Services and to the Minister for Health. 

A major role of the Quorn Health Services Health Advisory Council (HAC) is to relay ideas and views from the community to the local Health Service.


The Quorn Health Advisory Council can include:

  • Up to 8 community members
  • Nominee of local government
  • A local member of Parliament or his or her nominee
  • A medical practitioner member
  • A worker from the regional local health network



Current members

Member Name
Presiding Member Vacant
Local member of Parliament Vacant
Local government nominee Julian Hipwell
Medical practitioner representative Tony Lian-Lloyd
Staff representative Desley McKinlay
Community representatives Ian Rodgers
Caroline Walters
Michelle Baker
Hollie Hancock
Betty Matthews
Rod Filsell
Aileen Shannon


Quorn Health Advisory Council
C/- Quorn Health Service
PO Box 392 
Quorn SA 5433

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