Bordertown and District Health Advisory Council Inc.

A major role of the Bordertown and Districts Health Advisory Council (HAC) is to relay ideas and views from the community to the local health service. These ideas are used in planning for new and improved services.

Meeting information

The Bordertown and District HAC meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30pm at Bordertown Hospital Conference Room.


The Bordertown and Districts Health Service Health Advisory Council can include: 

  • Up to eight community members
  • Nominee of local government
  • A local member of Parliament or his or her nominee
  • A medical practitioner member
  • A worker from Country Health SA




Graeme Close
Bordertown and Districts Health Advisory Council Inc.
C/- Bordertown Memorial Hospital
PO Box 196
Bordertown SA 5268

Current Membership

Member Name
Presiding member Graeme Close
Local member of parliament Tammy Creaser
Nominee of local government Cathy Langley
Medical practitioner Representative Vacant
Staff member Alison Dinning
Community representative Wendy Ryan
Community representative Mandy Brown
Community representative Diana Jarrett
Community representative Anne Jaensch
Community representative Tracey Grosser
Community representative Geoffrey Williams
Community representative Richard Halliday

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