Country Health Advisory Councils

The Health Care Act 2008 provides for the establishment of Local Health Advisory Councils (HACs).

HACs are incorporated or unincorporated advisory bodies, advising the Minister on health issues related to specific groups or regions.

In country areas, HACs will ensure that the strong link between communities and their health services is maintained, using the Country Health SA Local Health Network Health Advisory Council Inc. (Governing Council) as an ‘umbrella body’ to provide advice from a whole of country health perspective. 

Incorporated HACs in country South Australia will hold assets, manage bequests and provide advice on local health service needs and priorities.
HAC Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are held annually between the months of October and November.

Further information, including legal frameworks, roles & responsibilities resources and remember forms is available on the Country Health Advisory Council resources page.

Country Health SA Health Advisory Councils

Barossa Hills Fleurieu

Eyre and Far North

Flinders and Upper North

Riverland Mallee Coorong

South East

Yorke and Northern

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