Hospital Demand Management Plan

Our hospitals continue to see a consistent increase in the number of patients presenting to our emergency departments, and peaks in demand for hospital services are no longer limited to the winter season.

As a result, SA Health has developed a year-round hospital demand portal, which will be updated regularly with new strategies and initiatives aimed at managing this demand.

This portal is updated quarterly with the strategies that have recently been introduced, and those that we’re planning to implement, to manage patient flow across the public health system.

There are also links to information on the preventative measures that the community can take to minimise illness throughout the year, and alternative care options for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, as opposed to presenting to a hospital emergency department.

Information on the hospital demand strategies we are planning to implement this quarter.
Information and advice on how to stay well during the year.
Is it really an emergency? Consider the best health care option for you before visiting an Emergency Department.