Council on the Ageing SA

South Australia has an ageing population with almost 634,000 people aged over 50 years. Life expectancy has increased considerably over the last 50 years and the current generation of older adults is more diverse and has greater expectations with regard to lifestyles and health care than previous generations.

Older people value their health and wellbeing and understand that it is an asset that allows them to remain physically active and socially engaged in society.

Council on the Ageing SA (COTA SA) is a fully independent, incorporated entity representing older South Australians to ensure they are included in decision-making by governments and industry on all aspects of their lives from income and employment to health and housing. COTA SA has a long history of collaborating with SA Health.

This Public Health Partner Authority agreement, Gazetted in November 2018, will explore further opportunities to enhance the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of older South Australians with a focus on:

  • Digital inclusion – improving digital literacy, access to improved health literacy, and support connections to health and social services to remain socially engaged
  • Health Promotion and Prevention – design and implement programs to assist older people to remain healthy, active and out of hospital
  • Housing – access to appropriate housing as a determinant of health, especially for disadvantaged older adults.