2010 international meeting for Health in All Policies

The Health in All Polices (HiAP) International Meeting, co-sponsored by the South Australian Government and the World Health Organization (WHO), was held in Adelaide in April 2010.

The Meeting provided an opportunity for South Australia to showcase its HiAP approach to the international community and to identify common themes and issues for a range of jurisdictions.

The Meeting was by invitation only and brought together around 110 delegates from a across different nations, jurisdictions, and agencies. This included representation from

  • the World Bank
  • the European Union
  • WHO regional offices
  • high level representatives from China, Quebec, Thailand, Geneva and New Zealand
  • South Australia and interstate.

The Meeting has contributed to the development of a strong network of practitioners and decision-makers. This will assist in translating HiAP and other joined-up policy innovations into practical actions across governments and jurisdictions.

Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies

The Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies (PDF 141KB) was developed during the meeting. The development of the Statement was coordinated through a writing group with structured critical input from meeting participants.

The WHO and the South Australian Government have adopted the Statement as a key platform. The Statement captures key elements of effective joined up government approaches and the values and principles which underpin them, with particular focus HiAP.

Importantly, it moves the discussion forward from concepts to practical methods which ensure its effective application.

South Australia will use the Statement to build capacity for HiAP with other government departments and other key agencies such as Local Government. 

The WHO will use the Statement as a key document to inform planning for the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, Brazil 2011, and the next Global International Union for Health Promotion and Education conference in Helsinki in 2013.


Adelaide 2010 – Health in All Policies International Meeting presentations

Day 1

Professor Ilona Kickbusch: Health policy in the 21st century (PDF 769KB)

Dr Rüdiger Krech: WHO's Perspective on Health in All Policies: challenges and opportunities (PDF 30KB)

Ms Lois Boswell: Transit-Oriented Developments through a Health Lens …a partner agency perspective (PDF 1184KB)

Ms Sandy Pitcher: SA’s Strategic Plan & Health in All Policies: Governance (PDF 668KB)

Trudi Meakins: Public Transport Network -Transit Oriented Developments (PDF 1905KB)

Day 2

Dr Kevin Buckett: South Australia’s Health in All Policies Approach (PDF 479KB)

Ms Carmel Williams: South Australia’s Health in All Policies Approach (PDF 239KB)

Dr Bernard Merkel: Health In All Policies: European Union experience and perspectives (PDF 218KB)

Mr Bosse Pettersson: Across jurisdictions - snapshots from Sweden (PDF 748KB)

Dr Darunee Rujkorakam: Three decades of HiAP in Thailand. From top down government driven approach to active citizenship involvement in all public policies (PDF 3436KB)

Mr Robert Quigley: HIA in New Zealand (PDF 211KB)

HIA in New Zealand – Additional information (PDF 24KB)

Dr Alain Poirier and Dr. Luc Boileau: Section 54 of the Public Health Act: Towards the Inclusion of Health in all Policies (PDF 919KB)

Dr Timo Stahl: Health promotion capacity of local governments (PDF 197KB)

Mr Lejo van der Heiden: Health behind the dykes or Health in a lot of policies in the Netherlands (PDF 1226KB)

Dr Jean Simos: Governance structure & processes and their application for HiAP. The case of Geneva and Switzerland (PDF 606KB)

Ms Louise St Pierre: Governance structures and processes for HiAP; Analytical framework for intersectoral governance (PDF 407KB)

Day 3

Professor Fran Baum: Health in all Policies & the Social Determinants of Health (PDF 898KB)

Dr Henk Bekedam and Dr Anjana Bhushan: Health in All Policies A reflection from the region (PDF 102KB)

Ms Elizabeth Harris: Complex problems require courageous solutions (PDF 849KB)

Dr Alvaro Matida: Connecting SDH actions with Health in All Policies in Brazil (PDF 908KB)

Video presentations

Opening address

Hon Mike Rann MP Premier of South Australia

Welcome address

Dr Timothy Evans Assistant Director General, Information Evidence and Research, World Health Organization

Health policy in 21st century

Professor Ilona Kickbusch Director, Global Health Programme, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva; and Adelaide Thinker in Residence 2007

World Health Organization’s perspective on Health in All Policies: challenges and opportunities

Dr Rüdiger Krech Director Department of Ethics Equity Trade and Human Rights, Information Evidence and Research Cluster, World Health Organization

Joining-up: linking social inclusion and health and wellbeing

Monsignor David Cappo Commissioner for Social Inclusion, South Australia; and Deputy Chair, Australian Social Inclusion Board Joined-up government

Joined-up government

Dr Geoff Mulgan Director, Young Foundation UK

Joined-up government from a central agency perspective

Ms Tanya Smith Deputy Chief Executive, Cabinet Office, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, South Australia

Joined-up government and its links to Health in All Policies: SA Health perspective

Dr Tony Sherbon Chief Executive, SA Health

South Australia’s approach to Health in All Policies

Dr Kevin Buckett Director, Public Health, SA Health

South Australia’s approach to Health in All Policies

Ms Carmel Williams Manager, Health in All Policies, SA Health

Health in All Policies in New Zealand

Mr Robert Quigley Director, Quigley and Watts, New Zealand

European Union experience and perspectives

Dr Bernard Merkel Head of Section, Food Safety Health and Consumer Affairs, Delegation of the European Union, Washington USA

Three decades of Health in All Policies in Thailand

Dr Darunee Rujkorakarn National Health Assembly Organising Committee, Thailand

Health in All Policies across jurisdictions: snapshots from Sweden

Dr Bosse Pettersson Independent Public Health Consultant; and former Deputy Director General, Swedish National Institute of Public Health

Section 54 of the Québec Public Health Act: towards the inclusion of health in all policies

Dr Alain Poirier National Public Health Director and Assistant Deputy Minister, Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services and Dr Luc Boileau Chief Executive Officer, National Institute for Public Health of Québec

Health promotion capacity of local governments

Dr Timo Ståhl National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

Health behind the dykes or health in a lot of policies in the Netherlands

Mr Lejo van der Heiden Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport, Netherlands

Governance structures and processes and their application for Health in All Policies

Dr Matthias Wismar European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies Brussels, Belgium

Health and the economy

Dr Armin Fidler Lead Advisor, Health Policy and Strategy, the World Bank

Health in All Policies and the social determinants of health

Professor Fran Baum Director, Southgate Institute for Health Society and Equity, Flinders University SA and Commissioner, Commission on Social Determinants of Health

Connecting social determinants of health actions with Health in All Policies in Brazil

Dr Alvaro Matida Special Advisor on the Brazilian Commission on Social Determinants of Health

Complex problems require courageous solution

Dr Elizabeth Harris Director, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of New South Wales

Reflections on the meeting

Brenton Caffin Chief Executive, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

Closing remarks

Hon John Hill MP South Australian Minister for Health