Gender equality and diversity

SA Health strives to be an organisation whose employees across work sites, professions and at all levels, have access to the same resources, rewards and opportunities as their peers, regardless of their gender identity.

Why is gender equality and diversity important?

There is clear evidence that gender equality in leadership and decision-making leads to improved operational and financial performance, increased innovation, and enhanced organisational reputation.

Across SA Health, a commitment to gender equality and diversity will ensure that:

  • Anyone who aspires to leadership roles will have fair access, regardless of their gender.
  • Flexible working arrangements will be proactively supported and promoted for all staff.
  • The skills of people of all genders as leaders will be recognised and fully utilised.

How are we going to get there?

A Steering Committee of passionate leaders and executives from across SA Health who advocate for diversity and be the voice for gender equality and a high level influencer of cultural change, with the focus on:

  • Promotion & Awareness - enhancing accessible information and communication
  • Equity in Action – tools and programs that provide practical actions for SA Health managers and staff
  • Performance and reporting – to measure and report on gender equality
  • Pathways to Leadership – to support the advancement of women in SA Health

Further information

For further information refer to our SA Health Gender Equality and Diversity Strategic Directions 2020-23 (PDF 1MB) or email GenderEquality&