Premier’s Award for Excellence in Health – SA Health Awards 2020

WINNER: Virology Serology Molecular (VSM) team

SA Pathology, Statewide Clinical Support Services, CALHN

The Virology Serology Molecular (VSM) section at SA Pathology has performed over 300,000 COVID-19 tests as at 24 August 2020. This testing has been critical to South Australia’s pandemic response and has required: sourcing swabs and reagents through precarious supply chains; development of new tests; integration of commercial assays; computing for interfaces and result reporting and training of new staff, all while maintaining a quality system. A truly Herculean effort!

FINALIST: Dialysis Pilot

Watto Purrunna, NALHN / CALHN

To provide a culturally appropriate wrap around service to increase informed consent and compliance with dialysis treatment, improve health literacy, and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers to return to their home or community for ongoing treatment. Partnering with our consumers via the AKction consumer reference group, CALHN and SAHMRI, we aim to improve access to culturally appropriate services and respond to the unique needs of our Aboriginal consumers.

FINALIST: Video Conferencing Outpatient Appointments Implementation

Corporate Services, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, WCHN

The rapid enablement of a platform for clinician / patient video consultation ensured continuity of care in the outpatient setting in response to COVID-19. The web-based service ensured appointments continued; patients had access to the care support they needed while reducing the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, ensuring social distancing and minimising the need to travel. The Service was piloted by WCHN and subsequently extended across SA Health.