Out of Hospital Strategies and Care - SA Health Awards 2020

WINNER: CALHN Day Rehabilitation Service, Amputee Prehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation and Neurosciences Program, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, CALHN

CALHN’s Amputee Prehabilitation Project is improving the amputation journey for patients and has reduced the average length of stay (LOS) by half (average Prehabilitation acute LOS 11 days, compared to 33 for standard care). As a result of the project, patients have reported feeling less fear and better informed ahead of their surgery.

FINALIST: Mental Health Co-Responder in Emergencies (MH CORE)

Mental Health Clinical Program, CALHN / Metropolitan Emergency Operations, SAAS

Mental Health (MH) Co-responder in Emergencies (MH CORE) sees CALHN MH staff partner with SA Ambulance paramedics to divert MH patients from EDs to community care pathways. Since January, MH CORE has supported 198 consumers to access community MH services. MH CORE provides the right care, first time, through improved telephone advice, appropriate referral through clinical pathways, and providing more care at home, reducing the need for hospital visits.

FINALIST: NALHN Allied Health Closing the Gap Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Allied Health, Lyell McEwin Hospital, NALHN

Aboriginal people experience chronic obstructive airways disease at a higher incidence, hospitalisation and death rate than other Australians. Despite this, NALHN’s pulmonary rehabilitation services demonstrated low referral rates and high incidence of nonattendance for our Aboriginal community. Focusing on cultural responsivity, and tailoring our services though partnership with Aboriginal Health, significant inroads towards “closing the gap” in access and outcome equity for NALHN Aboriginal clients has been achieved.