Enhancing Hospital Care - SA Health Awards 2020

WINNER: Geriatrics in the Home (GITH)

Division of Aged Care, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care / Northern Adelaide Geriatrics Service, Modbury Hospital, NALHN

NALHN's Geriatrics in the Home (GITH) program delivers specialised, multi-disciplinary Geriatric evaluation and management to consumers in-home and substitutes eight inpatient GEM beds. In the past 12 months, GITH has saved over 440 bed days and serviced more than 245 clients. Daily visits are provided by a multi-disciplinary team and 92% of consumers reported feeling safe and did not feel disadvantaged with being seen at home.

FINALIST: Ambulatory Gynaecology Unit – Modbury Hospital

Women’s and Children’s Division, Modbury Hospital, NALHN

The Ambulatory Gynaecology Unit was opened in 2020 to provide women of the Northern and North Eastern Suburbs with world class care in the treatment of menstrual problems. Without the need for anaesthetic or prolonged hospital stays women can have their symptoms diagnosed and treated in a one-stop patient friendly environment. Once treated, women are free to return to their normal activities on the same day of the procedure.

FINALIST: Supporting Quality Assertive Discharge (SQAD)

Allied Health & Intermediate Care Services, Flinders Medical Centre, SALHN

The Supporting Quality Assertive Discharge (SQAD) program provides coordinated support to facilitate patients at risk of long hospital stays to return safely home or community care as early as possible. 725 complex patients have been successfully transitioned out of hospital since the program began in December 2019, reducing the number of beds occupied by long stay patients to lowest it has been in three years in SALHN.