Chief Executives Imitation Award - SA Health Awards 2020

WINNER: SALHN’s Integrated Management System

Continuous Improvement Unit, Flinders Medical Centre, SALHN

Adapted from National and International models, SALHN have implemented an Integrated Management System that aligns staff with SALHN’s strategic direction. Reflecting on performance, recognising successes and problems and having a readiness going forward leads to building a culture of continuous improvement from the ward to the board. Using a standardised approach has demonstrated strong outcomes in all areas of implementation.

FINALIST: Midwifery Group Practice fosters sustainability of Ceduna Birthing Services

Maternity Unit, Ceduna Hospital, EFNLHN

Faced with regular suspension of the Ceduna Birthing Services due to staffing resources, the Ceduna Hospital elected to adopt a Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) Model to care for local expectant mothers. Appropriate senior roles were implemented to ensure success of the local adaptation of MGP and professional support of enthusiastic midwifery graduates. Ability to share care through the group model has immensely benefited service continuity, staff retention and community satisfaction.

FINALIST: Midwifery Caseload Model of Care Pilot: Yorke and Northern LHN

YN LHN / RSS Regional LHNS

Pregnant women deserve best evidence-based care, no matter where they live. In 2019, a midwifery caseload Model of Care was implemented in rural SA, Yorke and Northern Local Health Network. The Model provided continuity of care across five birthing sites, working collaboratively with maternal and neonatal care providers and promoting a sustainable midwifery workforce regionally. This resulted in high level, efficient, evidence-based care, close to home for women and families in local communities.