Minister's Research and Innovation Award - SA Health Awards 2019

Winner — VariantGrid/Shariant Software Team

SA Pathology, CALHN

David Lawrence and team have developed software called VariantGrid, which is part of the introduction of genomic technologies into SA Health . VariantGrid efficiently analyses prodigious amounts of genomic data, supporting healthcare decisions. Its offshoot, Shariant, provides national infrastructure to share data between participating diagnostic services across Australia and won a national tender from Australian Genomics. This is the successful translation of research into clinical practice, benefiting health services across Australia.

Finalist  Computer Aided Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence in Colorectal Polyps 

Endoscopy Unit, Lyell McEwin Hospital, NALHN

Bowel cancer is among the deadliest cancers in the world. Colon polyps are commonly found during colonoscopy. Polyps are generally biopsied or removed for histopathological interpretation. Accurately predicting histology of polyps during a colonscopy could not only potentially reduce cost but also complications associated with polypectomy. The team will present a project which involves the design of a Computer Aided Diagnostic system using Artificial Intelligence.

Finalist Partnering with Staff and Consumers in Co-Designing a Technological Innovation (AmbiGeM) to Prevent Falls and Harm from Falls

Aged & Extended Care Services, Medical Directorate, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), CALHN

Falls can have devastating consequences for health consumers of all ages. Securing $1.6 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council and in partnership with the University of Adelaide, the AmbiGeM tech system was co-designed with staff and consumers, then trialled in TQEH and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA across three wards (two Geriatric Evaluation and Management [GEM] and one General Medicine). Enrolling 3250 patients, consumers perceived that AmbiGeM improved patient safety. Staff reported it beneficial, especially during night shift.