Research/Education in Patient/Consumer Safety


Southern Adelaide Palliative Services (SAPS) Research Team

Repatriation General Hospital

This research team has undertaken over decade of research into the management of breathlessness. Pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical options were considered and all causes of breathlessness included. 300,000 Australians are breathless at rest or on minimal exertion, often for years; despite optimal treatment of the underlying cause(s). This includes more than 70,000 people who are chronically too breathless to leave their homes. The work done by this team is recognised internationally.


A Theatre-Experience: Person and Family Centred Care Capacity Development Sessions

Corporate Services, Women's and Children's Health Network

Consumer Engagement is often mistaken as a buzz word in an organisation or a ‘tick and flick’ experience. In WCHN there is a culture where authentic partnerships start with a well-informed staff. In collaboration with award-winning Theatre Company ‘Act NOW’, Consumers and Community Engagement Unit; married technology and theatre to provide an ‘out of this world’ ongoing education program for staff to skill them in Person and Family Centred Care.


Know-Ask-Wait Consumer Education Resource

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

The Know-Ask-Wait resource is based on promising Australian research into in-hospital falls prevention. A professional high quality video and associated tools have been developed with strong consumer input to empower patients to KNOW their falls risk, ASK for assistance and WAIT for help to arrive.

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