Aboriginal Workforce and Cultural Learning frameworks

SA Health is committed to improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people and their families in South Australia, and needs more Aboriginal people working with us to help make a difference.

SA Health's PRIDE principles

SA Health’s PRIDE principles are key priorities in the SA Health Aboriginal Workforce Framework 2017-2022 (PDF 4.31MB). They support the national reconciliation agenda and will help to close the gap on health disparity.

SA Health’s PRIDE principles seek to attract, retain and develop our Aboriginal workforce across clinical, non-clinical and leadership roles and will facilitate the cultural capability and cultural responsiveness of our workforce. Together with the SA Health Aboriginal Cultural Learning Framework (PDF 3.16MB), the PRIDE principles form the foundation for increasing the Aboriginal workforce in the health sector, helping to deliver high quality and culturally responsive care to Aboriginal people and their families.

The implementation of both Frameworks ensures that SA Health meets the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Implementation of Frameworks

The Department for Health and Wellbeing is actively partnering with Local Health Networks and the SA Ambulance Service to deliver a staged implementation of the PRIDE principles across SA Health.

Local Implementation Plans support a consistent agency approach to delivering SA Health’s PRIDE principles as well as identifying specific needs and responses in any given location.

SA Health Aboriginal Workforce Framework 2017-2022 postcard (PDF 587KB)

Aboriginal Workforce Advisory Group

SA Health’s Aboriginal Workforce Advisory Group (AWAG) and the Aboriginal Workforce Implementation Group (AWIG) are leading the development, implementation and delivery of SA Health’s PRIDE principles. Both AWAG and AWIG are made up of Local Health Network and SA Ambulance representatives.

More information

For more information please visit Aboriginal Health Careers or email Health.AboriginalWorkforceNetwork@sa.gov.au