COVID-19 update 173

31 December 2021

NSW border restrictions

Effective 12:01 am 1 January 2021, anyone who has been in NSW in the preceding 14 days will be prohibited from entry into South Australia.

Exceptions to this include Essential Travellers, people escaping domestic violence, persons whom normally reside in SA, those relocating to SA, and travellers who are transiting in/through NSW.

Travellers via car from the Low Community Transmission Zones are permitted to travel through NSW to enter SA providing they do not stop in Greater Sydney, wear a face mask for the entirety of the time they come into contact with the public and cannot maintain physical distance during their journey and use the most direct route, only stopping for respite and essential purposes (such as fuel).

Travellers via plane from a low community transmission zone are permitted to transit through Sydney Airport for no longer than 2 hours and must wear a face mask for the entirety of the time they are in transit (this includes on the plane).

For more information see the Emergency Management (Cross Border Travel No 26) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 or visit the SA Police website.

Victoria COVID-19 health alert

A number of locations have been identified in Victoria where people may have been exposed to COVID-19. If you have been in Victoria since 21 December 2020, please go to the SA Health website to see if you were at an affected location and for further information on what to do.

All returning travellers should monitor the website for updates and get tested immediately if you develop any symptoms, no matter how mild.

Residential Aged Care Facilities Direction No 21

The Residential Aged Care Facilities No 21 Direction comes into effect as of 12.01am on Friday 1 January 2021.

Anyone entering SA from NSW is prohibited from entering a Residential Aged Care Facility in South Australia within 14 days of arrival (unless they have an exemption and prior approval from the facility and SA Health as a pre-approved essential traveller).

New COVID-19 cases

Two new cases today including a man in his 20s who has recently returned from overseas and a woman in her 20s who is a close contact from a previous case. Both cases have been in a medi-hotel since their arrival.

Further testing on a previous case from Victoria has confirmed the result represents an old infection and as this case has already been reported in Victoria, it will be removed from our total case numbers.

South Australia COVID-19 cases

  • 2 new cases today
  • 7 active COVID-19 cases
  • 5,996 tests yesterday
  • 830,746 tests in total
  • 576 confirmed cases in total
  • 565 people have recovered
  • 4 COVID-19 related deaths

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