COVID-19 update 161

10 December 2020

10 December 2020

COVID SAfe Check-In update

From 14 December 2020, businesses within the retail sector (supermarkets, department stores, hardware stores and general retail stores) will be required to have an approved contact tracing system in place at each of their sites.

Each business/site will need to complete an online COVID Safe Plan, which then creates a QR code that is emailed to them to print and display.

A template for a retail specific COVID Safe Plan will be released in coming days. However, businesses can now complete a ‘voluntary’ COVID Safe Plan if they wish to get a QR code immediately.

Find more information, including frequently asked questions, at Further information will be available in the coming days.

South Australia COVID-19 Update

  • 0 new cases today
  • 0 active COVID-19 cases
  • 3,237 tests yesterday
  • 762,587 tests in total
  • 562 confirmed cases in total
  • 558 people have recovered from COVID-19
  • 4 COVID-19 related deaths

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