COVID-19 update 154

01 December 2020

1 December 2020

COVID SAfe Check-In

Now available through to mySA GOV app, the COVID SAfe Check-In will enhance contact tracing and keep the South Australia community COVID safe.

The app uses the phone's camera to scan the venue’s unique QR code and securely collects limited personal information. These details will be kept for 28 days and will only be released to SA Health for official contact tracing purposes.

Users are not required to login or sign up for a mySA GOV account to use the COVID SAfe Check-In. The app is available to download from Google Play and the App Store. 

Find more information at

Mandatory mask information

From today, masks will be mandatory in health care, residential care, disability support or aged care services when people are in the physical presence of others. This includes care providers, patients, clients, residents, admin and other staff, employees, visitors, students, contractors and any other people on the site. 

This is in addition to previous personal protective equipment requirements for people offering personal care services.

COVID-19 case update

There have been no new cases of COVID-19 today. However, a routine audit has identified a case that was not previously publicly reported. 

South Australia COVID-19 Update

  • 0 new cases today
  • 11 active COVID-19 cases
  • 6,531 tests yesterday
  • 732,562 tests in total
  • 562 confirmed cases in total
  • 547 people have recovered from COVID-19
  • 4 COVID-19 related deaths