Home Care Package Program

The Home Care Package Program helps you build your independence.

Sometimes life in your own home can get complicated and the support you need to stay safe need to be increased to maintain your independence.

Country Health Connect is experienced at helping you or your loved one decide when you might need to seek that extra level of support.

Our dedicated teams across regional South Australia offer four levels of Home Care Package programs starting with the basic level one option through to the more complex level four support.

If you feel that you or a loved one would benefit from access to a Home Care Package then simply call us on 1800 944 912 and we can step you through the assessment and application process.

About home care packages

Home Care Packages provide a funding allocation from the Australian Government that allows you or your loved one to purchase the services and supports you choose to meet your care goals and life aspirations.

Using the funds available, Country Health Connect work with you or your loved one to design a care plan according to your needs and preferences.

Services are tailored to assist you to maintain independence and continue to participate in activities which are important to you.

A range of care and services can be included, such as assistance with:

    • Personal care
    • Activities of daily living
    • Nutrition, meal preparation and diet
    • Support services, including help around the home
    • Clinical care and specialist advice
    • Respite care
    • Mobility and dexterity
    • Leisure interests and activities

Home Care Packages are offered following an Aged Care Assessment that can be organised by the My Aged Care team.  Once assessed as eligible to a certain level of package, you will be placed on a national waiting list until a package is available for you.

If you wish to discuss your options in more detail, please call 1800 944 912.

To find out where your nearest Country Health Connect office is, visit the www.countryhealthconnect.sa.gov.au