SA Virtual Care Service

SA Virtual Care Service

The SA Virtual Care Service (SAVCS) is improving access to healthcare across the state and responding to the needs of frontline workers by bringing emergency care to patients, that would normally only be available in an ED. 

The statewide service provides an individualised assessment service via video link for urgent patients on-scene with SA Ambulance crews, regional clinicians or aged care staff.

About 70% of SAVCS patients avoid admission to the ED and instead receive individualised care in place, or via more appropriate services in the community. This provision of patient-centric care from senior clinicians allows SAAS crews to get back on the road, utilises care options in-region and eases reliance on metropolitan hospital resources.

Patient and clinician feedback has been very positive for the service and the care outcomes have been exceptional since the service started in December 2021. The service has received confirmation to extend services, supporting the state response to ramping.

How does the Virtual Care Service work?

Our team provides clinical assessment via a video link in partnership with SA Ambulance Service, regional hospitals, community care teams and Aged Care Facility staff who are on-scene with a patient. We can then provide the most appropriate care and pathway for treatment, often providing care at home, arranging a transfer or using care options in the community.

What is the benefit of Virtual Care?

  • Bringing specialised clinical assessment to the patient that is usually only available in an ED
  • Appropriate care provided at the patients’ location, including follow up arrangements
  • Reduces hospital emergency presentations and utilises more appropriate care options

The service is designed to provide specialist support alongside treating clinicians. We do not currently provide services direct to the community. 

When is the service open?

The service is available 8.00 am – 10.00 pm, which have been identified as peak demand for emergency resources and operates every day of the year.

Can patients or families call SA Virtual Care Service directly?

No, our model of care is designed to be utilised in acute episodes by ‘eyes on scene’ clinicians, meaning we partner with paramedics, nursing and doctor teams to provide both on-scene and virtual care for emergency patients.