Supporting Aboriginal families and communities

Yarrow: means ‘healing flower’

Yarrow Place is a culturally safe place where Aboriginal families can come to discuss sensitive issues about rape and sexual assault.

  • we acknowledge Aboriginal history and it’s contexts that have contributed to the social and emotional aspects of generational trauma
  • we understand the importance of breaking the silence of rape and sexual assault, by working in partnership with other service providers to support families and communities
  • we welcome you to come and share your stories without the overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame
  • we understand the importance of making Aboriginal communities a safer place for the next generations to come
  • we understand the importance of treating people with integrity, dignity and respect.

Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service is a unique place that provides quiet talking time, caring support and medical care to persons over the age of 16 who are victims of rape or sexual violence.

At Yarrow Place:

  • All rape and sexual assault services are free.
  • You will be listened to, believed and not judged.
  • You will be given information in relation to medical, legal and counselling options, in a way that you will understand.
  • It is entirely your decision, your choice, if you do not want the Police involved.
  • You have the right to a service where you may spiritually heal.
  • We respect your choices and rights in making your final decision.


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