Podiatry Services at Marion GP Plus

The SALHN Podiatry Services provide comprehensive podiatric services targeted to individuals that demonstrate the presence of foot risk factors that increase their risk of developing ulceration or requiring higher level interventions including amputations.

Marion GP Plus services:

  • At risk foot group (PAD, neuropathy, history amputation and wounds) but no active foot wounds
  • Pathological and structural foot changes associated with risk factors including systemic arthropathies and increasing pain

Alternative service providers are listed below for your reference and use:

The University of South Australia: undergraduate Podiatry students provide assessments and services under supervision of qualified Podiatrists. Please contact on (08) 8302 2269.
Team Care Arrangements: may be an alternative if your client has complex and chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, mental illness and asthma. Please contact The Podiatry Association for a list of private podiatry providers on (08) 8210 9408.


Referrals are accepted from medical, nursing or community health practitioners. 

Podiatry intake referral form (PDF 62KB)

Please note:  Private patients (Department of Veterans Affairs clients, WorkCover claims and patients seeking compensation are not eligible for this service. 

Visit the Outpatient referral processes section for more information about referring to the Podiatry Clinic.

Contact details

Location: Marion GP Plus Health Care Centre
Telephone: (08) 7425 8200
Fax: (08) 8204 5020