Supported social housing for people with serious mental illness

Supported Social Housing (SSH) is a new initiative to address homelessness among people with serious mental illness.

The Australian Government’s Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan has provided additional housing funds to provide 262 new public housing dwellings throughout metropolitan and country regions. As part of the scheme, tenants will be provided with the clinical and personal support they need to live successfully in the community and manage their illness.

This new social housing provides a valuable addition to state community mental health programs. It will supplement the more intensive Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership (HASP) program and strengthen capacity to address prolonged hospital admissions for people waiting for suitable accommodation. 

Key features of SSH include:

  • The first SSH tenancies commenced in March 2010.  All SSH housing is expected to be handed over by late 2012.
  • Houses are owned and managed either by Housing SA or experienced non-government housing providers. Tenancy arrangements will be the same as any other South Australian public or social housing.
  • At least 12 dwellings will be provided for younger women who currently reside in supported residential facilities and are considered to be at risk in this environment.