Rehabilitation Services for People with a Mental Illness

Rehabilitation services for people with a mental illness are provided in a variety of settings, from secure to residential and within the person’s own home.  Mental health rehabilitation services are provided in a recovery oriented way and are informed by the Framework for recovery oriented rehabilitation in mental health care, 2012.

SA Health funds non-government organisations (NGOs) to provide Individual Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Support Services (IPRSS) to people living in their own homes, whether the home is public or private housing, a family or shared home, a boarding house or supported residential facility.

An important component of individual psychosocial rehabilitation is community capacity building and therefore services are provided within the consumer’s home and in the community.

The supported accommodation program consists of the Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership (HASP) program and the Supported Social Housing (SSH) program. It also includes supported accommodation at Avalon and Catherine House.

Supported accommodation programs in SA usually have four partners:

  • the mental health consumer
  • mental health services providing clinical care and support
  • non-government organisations (funded by SA Health) to provide individual psychosocial rehabilitation and support
  • housing and tenancy organisations who provide housing and tenancy support.

The Community Rehabilitation Centres (CRCs) are community-based residential, rehabilitation facilities with 20 places. The aim of CRCs is to support the recovery from mental illness of people with high and complex needs. CRCs offer a residential setting with 24 hour, seven day support and an active goal-focused rehabilitation program. Support is individually tailored to meet the consumer's needs.