Visitors at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Visitor guidelines and requirements

See Visitor guidelines on the CALHN website.

Map of buildings and services

Accommodation and travel


For patients and visitors needing accommodation there are many suitable choices close to the hospital. For more information visit the SA Tourism website

Public Wi-Fi

People who visit a number of SA Health sites will now have access to free Wi-Fi. For more information, go to the Public Wi-Fi page.

Car parking

All patient and visitor parking is now in the new multi-deck car park, which can be accessed via Woodville Rd. There are also other car parking areas close to the hospital. More information about car parking fees is available on the metropolitan hospitals car parking page.

Disabled access

The hospital is wheelchair accessible and there are toilets for people with disability. Please ask at Reception.

A dedicated disabled park is provided at Gate 2 northern side of the hospital. A row of disabled parking is also available in the southern visitor’s car park at Gate 5 on the Emergency side of the hospital.


Bus services

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is serviced by a wide range of bus services depending on the time and day. Buses travel between the city and the Port Adelaide area along Port Road. The routes are 150, 155, 157 (excluding 157X).Bus stop 21 is located near the intersection of Woodville and Port Roads.

Transit Link and Circle Line buses stop at Bus Stop 219 outside the hospital on Woodville Road. These include route numbers 100, 101, J7 and 300.

For more information about local bus services and bus timetables, please visit the Adelaide Metro website.

Train services

Visitors can also travel to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital by utilising the Adelaide to Grange rail line to the Woodville Station on Glenys Nunn Drive just 80 metres from Woodville Road. From Woodville Road regular public bus services can be accessed to travel the remaining 900 metres to the hospital.

For more information about local train services and train timetables, please visit the Adelaide Metro website.

Taxi services

Adelaide Independent Taxi - telephone: 13 22 11

Suburban Taxi - telephone: 131 008

Yellow Cab Co - telephone: 13 22 27

Ambulance services

If patients are transported to or from hospital by ambulance, or between hospitals at their request, they will be responsible for payments of any SA Ambulance Service accounts for transport.

VolunteeringFriends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital volunteers

The Friends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Our hospital is situated in the historic suburb of Woodville South, in the western suburbs of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

In 1959 a volunteer organisation was introduced, which later became The Friends of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The Friends are a not-for-profit organisation with their own constitution and guidelines.

There are approximately 90 volunteers who perform various duties in the hospital under the guidance of an Executive Committee of 13 members.

The Coordinator of The Friends is the only paid employee. This position involves supervising the day-to-day running of the duties of The Friends. Volunteer activities are based on a roster system which is handled by the Coordinator.

There are twelve hospital services plus three ancillary duties that enhance the work of The Friends, as well as The Friends’ Posy and Craft Shop. A one ‘off campus’ duty has been included - this is drivers.

Volunteers contribute more than 400 hours a week to the hospital.

Aim of The Friends

The motto is "Service to the Patients", so the emphasis of The Friends’ activities is based on personal service.

Objectives of The Friends

The objectives are to assist patients, visitor’s and staff at the hospital in any manner that they are able, to supplement the comfort, convenience and peace of mind of the patients and their relatives and friends and to raise funds for the purpose of providing additional patient and visitor amenities in the hospital.

What the friends do?

The Friends offer a volunteer service of care and support for all patients attending and staying in the hospital, with special emphasis on helping those without family assistance.

Our volunteers offer a range of important services across the hospital. We provide encouragement and a friendly smile when patients or visitors most need it - more so for patients when visitors are not available.


Our volunteers visits each patient admitted from The Emergency Department to explain how we might assist. Some of these patients have not been able to prepare properly for a hospital stay. We give out Patient Information Packs to all new arrivals. We visit bedside if someone is lonely and needs a friendly ear, or make a phone call for patients when necessary.

Guides and main entrances

Our volunteers are in attendance at the main entrances of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital from 9.00 am until 3.00 pm Monday to Thursday and until 12noon Friday. We are pleased to offer this service to enable patients, visitors or people with appointments to remain stress free as we guide them to where they need to be within the hospital.

Emergency volunteers

We have a devoted team of trained volunteers who assist staff, and also patients when they come into the hectic emergency area. Volunteers are often a point of call for people needing someone to talk to while waiting for the busy hospital staff. These volunteers assist staff to do other jobs freeing them up to attend to patients.

Stroke support

Special volunteers, who themselves may have had a stroke, visit stroke patients here at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. These volunteers offer encouragement support and printed articles about stroke and recovery. Information/discussion sessions are also held by arrangement, for families and their loved one suffering from a stroke.

Toiletry trolley

We have a trolley with some of the items patients may need during their stay. We try to circulate to all wards regularly selling basic toiletries. The Ward Clerk can contact us any week day requesting an item if patients are unable to arrange any visitors to help them.

Transport services

These volunteers help patients who experience transport difficulties. Volunteer drivers transport patients to and from the hospital to attend their outpatient appointments. Special criteria apply for eligibility for this service.

Tea and coffee trolleys

The Friends operate a tea and coffee trolley which visits waiting areas and clinics each morning and afternoon. Volunteers offer waiting patients and visitors a good quality cup of tea or coffee with biscuits at a small cost. Hot chocolate is also offered in the cooler months along with cordial at all times.

Veteran visiting

A member of TPI visits all patients carrying a DVA card once or twice a week to offer assistance where necessary or just to have a quiet chat.


A number of fundraising events are held each year to raise much needed funds. Profits from The Friends Shop are also put towards the fundraising efforts. The Friends are a not-for-profit organisation and funds raised are used to purchase equipment and amenities for the comfort and treatment of patients at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


Our Shop has been recently upgraded and is a major fund raiser for The Friends. The Shop is staffed by volunteers who sell a wide assortment of goods. These include stuffed toys, cards, flower arrangements, both silk and fresh, handmade craft goods and hand knitted baby wear. Gifts or much needed in stay items may be purchased. TV vouchers for inpatients are also available along with a dry cleaning service.