Frequently asked questions when visiting the Diabetes Centre

Do I need a referral?

Yes your family doctor or a consultant can provide us with a referral, with information on which appointments are required.

Can I bring my family or friend to my appointments?

Yes. Feel free to bring any significant persons with you to any of the appointments.

Are there any costs for services?

No. Receiving diabetes information services is free. There are small fees for attending cooking classes to cover costs of food tasting's.

How can I make a complaint or compliment about the Diabetes Centre?

Please feel free to utilise our suggestion box or talk to staff.

What happens to your referral?

Your referral is kept in your The Queen Elizabeth Hospital case notes.

What information does the Diabetes Centre record?

We record relevant health information and education plans.

How is my confidentiality maintained?

Staff are required to maintain a high degree of confidentiality at all times.

How is this service linked to my local doctor?

On referral from your local doctor we will send a letter to your doctor to outline the plan of education. On completion of the plan we also send another letter to let them know how the plan went.

Who else can I contact for local and other services?