About the Diabetes Centre

Diabetes Centre…help pathway to self-care

"Our work is to help with the treatment of diabetes, teach people and their professionals about self and medical diabetes care and to research better ways to prevent and manage diabetes".

Your pathway to self-care

Managing your diabetes often involves changing your lifestyle. We are aware of how difficult this can be and we work with you to fit the routines of diabetes care into your everyday life. We also work with the maternity and birthing section of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Women’s & Children’s Hospital in providing comprehensive gestational diabetes programme for pregnant women

At the Centre, the diabetes nurse educators and dieticians work as a team with general practitioners, specialists and related health professionals to provide:

  • individual consultations and information for people living with diabetes
  • information for people who have recently been diagnosed and their family, friends or carers
  • a team approach to multidisciplinary diabetes care
  • education, health promotion and assistance as required to nursing homes and community groups
  • individual dietary assessment and education, advice and help on lifestyle changes
  • a referral to other hospital or community departments.

We also offer

  • individual dietary assessment
  • information sessions and information about diabetes
  • general advice and information about diabetes
  • Diabetes Action Group working for diabetes
  • your general practitioner can refer you to the Diabetes Centre.


Volunteer duties include collating diabetes educational material for educational sessions, newsletters and mail outs. Volunteers also enjoy the opportunity to chat to other people about their diabetes and create friendships over a coffee at a monthly get together at the Diabetes Centre.

If you are interested in more information about the volunteers, please ring (08) 8222 6770 and we will send you the information and an application form.

Our activities

Living Well Group Education Sessions

Session are held over 2 weeks in succession on a Wednesday morning. The sessions provide practical details on various topics for long term management of your diabetes.