Ceduna District Health Services Planning

Ceduna District Health Services Planning

The Eyre and far North Local Health Network (EFNLHN), with the assistance of the Rural Support Service (RSS) Planning and Population Health Team, is developing a 5 to 10-year service plan for Ceduna District Health Services.

This plan will help us improve how we deliver health services to the community now and into the future. We are taking a long-term view to improve and enhance our local health services; specifically, we are focusing on a plan that seeks to build the long-term health and well-being of the Ceduna community. We are also looking at how we can strengthen our partnerships.

A range of local health professionals will be involved in the service planning process. We will work directly with clinicians (doctors, nurses and allied health professionals) and key stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that perspectives are understood and considered.

The service planning process is overseen by a design team comprised of local clinicians, partners in Aboriginal Health service provision, Health Advisory Council (HAC) representation, Department of Human Services, LHN leaders and the Rural Support Service Planning and Population Health Team. The first meeting of the design team was held on Monday 7 June, 2021.

Community input

The broader community and specific groups will be invited to provide input on service areas throughout the planning process.

We want the service plan to be grounded in advice from, and the experience of, the people who use the services and the people who deliver the services. We will share and promote these opportunities as they arise.

For more information about the service planning please contact:

Bronwyn Venning
Acting Senior Service Design Consultant
Planning and Population Health Team, Rural Support service
Email: Bronwyn.Venning@sa.gov.au

All media enquiries should be directed to the SA Health Media team at Health.Media@sa.gov.au