SA Spinal Cord Injury Services Reseach Centre (Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre): recent research projects

Recent research projects

Hutchinson M, Coller J, Clark J, Rolan P, Marshall R, Middleton J. “Chronic pain following spinal cord injury: the role of immunogenetics and time of injury pain treatment”

Galea M, Dunlop S, Harvey L, Churilov L, Marshall R (AI), Clark J (AI).  “SCIPA (Spinal Cord Injury and Physical Activity) Hands-On: Early intensive hand rehabilitation after spinal cord injury”

Galea M, Dunlop S, Brown D, Davis G, Churilov L, Marshall R (AI), Clark J (AI). “SCIPA (Spinal Cord Injury and Physical Activity) Full-On:  Intensive exercise program after spinal cord injury”

Galea M, Seeman E, Dunlop S, Brown D, Clark JM, Churilov L.  “Can exercise early after spinal cord injury prevent deterioration of muscle and bone?”

Stacey M, Bader D, Swaine J, Middleton J, Olver J, Hayes K, Garber S,Hendrie D, Miller  K, Marshall R (AI). “AusCAN risk assessment for sitting acquired pressure ulcers”

Middleton J, Marshall R, Middleton P, Harrison J, Watt W, Brown D, Cameron P, McClure R, Lyons N, Bowen D.  National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Partnership Projects. “Right care, right time, right place: Improving outcomes for people with spinal cord injury through early intervention and improved access to specialised care”

Cameron I, Middleton J, Murphy G, Marshall R (AI).  “Evaluation of the Pilot - Early Access to Vocational Rehabilitation Services”  

Slater J, Bentley D, Bourke K, Clark J.  “Acute cytokine responses to hybrid exercise in the spinal cord injured population”

Bhanderi R, Clark J, Freeman B. “Retrospective review of frequency, distribution, and outcomes of all non-traumatic spinal cord injury (NT-SCI) over 10 years in South Australia”

SA Spinal Cord Injury Services Research Centre (SASCIRC) personnel

Director: A/Prof Ruth Marshall
Post Doctoral Fellow: Dr Jillian Clark Ph.D.
Clinical Trial Coordinator: Ms Elizabeth Potter
Research Associate:  Ms Denzil O’Brien