Admission procedures and preparing for your stay

Admission procedures

Admission procedures vary at different hospitals, so please refer to the instructions for admission or attending for treatment provided to you by your doctor and information specific to the hospital you are attending.

Preparing for your stay

Before you come to hospital:

  • read any information you are given
  • ask your GP if you have any questions
  • check if you have to fast (not eat or drink)
  • tell the doctor if you smoke
  • at the hospital ask questions if you are not sure of anything.

On arrival

Most hospitals ask that you go to the Admissions Desk or Day Surgery Unit, where the staff will check your personal details, complete your admission paperwork and issue you with a plastic wrist band with your personal details printed on it. Please make sure these details are accurate and that you wear your wrist band at all times during your stay in hospital.

You may then be escorted to your ward by a staff member and either shown to your room or given directions to the Day Surgery waiting area.