Mobile Dialysis Unit for Aboriginal people

The Mobile Dialysis Unit is a specially designed truck that has been fitted with three dialysis chairs and visits remote Aboriginal communities across South Australia. The Unit allows Aboriginal dialysis patients living in regional or metropolitan centres to visit their home communities.

The Unit commenced operating in 2014 and has visited many communities allowing people to return home for significant community events and to spend time on country with family and friends.


The Unit provides short-term respite dialysis services to a number of communities, such as the APY Lands including the communities of:

  • Pukatja
  • Mimili
  • Fregon
  • Amata 
  • Marla.

The Unit also visits Yalata, Coober Pedy, and Leigh Creek.

Further information

To find out more about the Mobile Dialysis Unit email


The APY Art Centre Hub brought together local artists to develop ideas, collaborate and produce the artwork.

The Country Health SA Local Health Network, SA Health acknowledges and thanks the APY Art Centre Hub and the following artists:

Ernabella Arts

  • Niningka Lewis
  • Pantjiti Lionel

Iwantja Arts

  • Kumanara Barney
  • Peter Mungkuri

Tjala Arts

  • Katanari Nancy Tjilya
  • Kunmanara Williamson
  • Kunmanara Tjampawa Kawiny
  • Barbara Mbitjana Moore

Mimili Maku Arts

  • Linda Puna
  • Betty Kuntiwa Pumani

Tjungu Palya

  • Beryl Jimmy

Kaltjiti Arts

  • Inawintji Williamson
  • Steven Pompey

Ninuku Arts

  • Sandy Brumby