Pesticides Regulations - Information sheets and application forms

Below is a list of licences issued by the Department for Health and Wellbeing under the Controlled Substances (Pesticides) Regulations.

See the Medicines, poisons and pest control licences page for detailed information on:

  • Guidelines and Codes of Practice
  • Fee payment
  • Contact information

How to apply

All pesticide licences and exemptions are to be applied for online. These include:

  • Pest Controller’s (Business) Licence
  • Pest Management Technician’s Licence
  • Statement of Exemption

Information sheets

Print ready documents

The documents on this page are able to be downloaded and sent to a professional printer. These documents should be set up ready for print. The Printing Instructions (PDF 261KB) will help guide you to be able to print the materials in a similar way to what they are provided by SA Health.