Tools, resources and training

Visit the new Healthy Workplaces SA website as the central source of information to create healthy, safe and thriving workplaces in South Australia.

The new website has been co-designed by the South Australian Collaborative Partnership for Workplace Health and Wellbeing.

Here is a list of all the Healthy Workers - Healthy Futures tools and resources available to workplaces.




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Getting started

Below are resources on how to get you started through good planning and creating the foundation of an effective and successful health and wellbeing program. 

Workplace health and wellbeing

Needs assessment

Below are resources which give your health and wellbeing program its direction, scope and priorities. These resources will ensure that steps taken to address health and wellbeing in your workplace, are hitting their mark.



Action planning

Below are resources which will assist in setting indicators for success by setting yourself up to capture the right data and interpreting results against program intentions.



Workplace strategies

Monitoring and evaluation

Once you have a workplace health and wellbeing program up and running, it is important to find out if it is running well. The below resources will assist in determining this.


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