Supporting Breastfeeding

Supporting Visitors, Staff and Volunteers who are Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding offers many important benefits to mothers and babies, and to the community. Healthy places and organisations welcome and support women who are breastfeeding.

Your organisation can support breastfeeding for mothers (visitors, staff and volunteers) by becoming a Breastfeeding Welcome Here site.

The Breastfeeding Welcome Here program aims to improve community acceptance of breastfeeding in public through the accreditation and promotion of breastfeeding-friendly businesses and services. These can be everything from a cafe or a hairdresser to a community centre, shop or public library.

To be eligible to display the Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker, your business or service must have:

  • a welcoming attitude from staff and management
  • a smoke free environment
  • room to move a pram.

Suitable venues receive a Breastfeeding Welcome Here kit, which includes door/window stickers to show that they support breastfeeding on the premises. Mothers can look for the Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker when out and about or check the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s (ABA) website to find a breastfeeding friendly venue.

Supportive Workplaces

If you are a workplace, you can further strengthen your support of breastfeeding by becoming a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace.

Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation (BFWA) is a consultancy service for employers provided by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Through the accreditation process, BFWA helps employers to create a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers returning to work from maternity leave.

When businesses are able to offer employment conditions that are appealing to mothers who are breastfeeding, these conditions:

  • add value to recruitment and retention strategies
  • demonstrate a commitment to employee health and wellbeing
  • promote workplace diversity and equal employment opportunity
  • foster corporate social responsibility.