Tools And Resources For Business

Why Make Good Health Your Business?

Check out our Good Health = Good Business page to find out how a workplace health and wellbeing program could improve your bottom line.

Where do I Start?

We have a step-by-step resource to guide your workplace, small or large, in planning and implementing your own health and wellbeing program, or strengthen an existing one. Learn how to create a healthier workplace or download the Healthy Workers – Healthy Futures toolkit to guide your planning.

Where can I get Support?

Build your own knowledge and capacity about how to implement workplace health and wellbeing programs by attending accredited training. Check out the Training opportunities page to find out more.

It’s also worthwhile thinking broadly when considering the resources that will assist you to implement and enhance your health and wellbeing program. Support isn’t always financial in nature; in fact you may find that through developing partnerships and discussing ideas with like-minded services or workplaces, that you can do much on a small budget.

Importantly, ensure that you have tied your program to pre-existing activities, structures and day to day activities within your own organisation. You may find that by reorienting some of this work you will also be working towards meeting your health and wellbeing goals.

Internal Support

Consider the support available internally:

  • volunteers or champions
  • pre-existing communication methods
  • pre-existing infrastructure or equipment
  • in house catering teams
  • human resources department
  • Work Health and Safety Representatives
  • pre-existing employee assistance programs and initiatives.

External Support

Where can you find external support?