Tips For Small Business

We know that often as a small business owner, time and resources can be tight, so we’ve put together 10 simple and low cost things you can do to boost employee health and wellbeing which won’t take too much effort or break the bank.

  1. Link in with local businesses to see what they can offer your employees such as discounted or trial gym memberships.
  2. Map out and promote possible walking/running/cycling routes close by work to encourage lunchtime activity.
  3. Put up encouraging posters beside elevators to promote the use of stairs instead - having information at points where people can make these decisions to be healthy really helps change behaviour!
  4. Introduce standing and/or walking meetings to encourage a bit of extra physical activity in the working day.
  5. Use the skills and expertise within your own organisation - you may well have someone who is keen to lead walks at lunchtime or run physical activity/meditation/healthy cooking sessions.
  6. Introduce healthy catering at meetings and any work get togethers - making the healthy choice the easy choice.
  7. Introduce healthy gifts for any employee rewards/incentives or celebrations e.g. fruit baskets and/or vouchers for your local fitness centre help reinforce your focus on staff wellbeing.
  8. If you have a chocolate/lollies fundraising box, you could swap these for something healthier.
  9. Promote sensible drinking practices - remember your host responsibility if you are providing alcohol at after work events to employees. Think about keeping quantities to a sensible level; provide food and an option of non-alcoholic drinks, and safe options for transport home.
  10. Promote a smoke free workplace - there are free downloadable signs available and you could promote Quit line and the ‘my quit buddy’ app which are both free.

Check out some case studies from small businesses who have successful incorporated workplace wellness into their business.