What Can I Do As A Student To Eat Well And Be Active At School

By eating healthy, including lots of fruit and vegies and plenty of water, and being active every day, you will be helping your body to grow. You will also be able to concentrate better at school and have more energy!

Here are Some Ways You can Help Your School, Your Friends and Yourself to Eat Well and be Active:

Take every opportunity to be active – during recess and lunchtime, get out and be active with your friends

  • Take sports equipment out with you during recess and lunchtimes
  • If your school doesn’t have sports equipment available, speak to your Student Representative Council (SRC) or bring it up at a class meeting
  • Discuss with your teacher, ideas for PE lessons or activity breaks
  • Start a tournament amongst your year level. Organise a round-robin competition that can run during lunchtime over two weeks. Ask your teacher to help pick the teams to ensure they are fair
  • Ask your parent, teacher or school to take part in the Premier’s be active Challenge
  • Talk to your family about healthy eating and what you are learning at school
  • Get involved with your family when preparing your lunchbox for the day
  • Asses the food the in your school canteen. Public Schools need to follow the Right Bite policy. Speak with your SRC to see what you can do to make the food in your school canteen healthier
  • Choose healthy foods when you buy your lunch from the canteen
  • Get plenty of sleep – this helps our bodies rest and repair, ready for the next day
  • Try to limit the amount of time spent on the computer or video games to two hours per day (unless it’s for school work)
  • Take a full water-bottle with you wherever you go
  • Have a healthy breakfast before school every day – it will help you concentrate.