Right Bite Healthy Food And Drink Supply Strategy For SA Schools And Preschools

Better Health = Better Learning

Yes it is true!

Research shows that children and teenagers who eat well are not only healthier but also learn better.

Promoting healthy eating during the school years will help set up a strong foundation for developing positive habits for life.

Healthy Eating – the Role of Schools

Eating well and good dietary habits starts early. That’s why schools have such an important role to play.

Healthy and delicious food gives our children and teens proper nutrition, which is important for:

  • growing and developing
  • concentrating and learning well at school
  • staying healthy through childhood, adolescence and into adult life.

What is Right Bite?

Right Bite was developed as a result of the Eat Well SA Healthy Eating Guidelines for Schools and Preschools to ensure that healthy food and drink choices are provided and promoted in South Australian preschools and schools (including both primary and secondary).

In Canteens and Vending Machines

All South Australian government school and preschool canteens and vending machines must now comply with the Right Bite policy strategy. It ensures that only healthy and tasty foods and drinks are provided, and the unhealthiest options cannot be offered or promoted.

In Other School Activities

Right Bite also encourages and assists schools in providing healthy food in other situations such as camps, excursions fundraising, celebrations and sports days.

How Does it Make a Difference in our Schools?

The policies found in Right Bite will help our kids’ to eat well by:

  • giving students a taste for healthy foods for lunch and snacks
  • supporting healthy eating messages taught in the classroom such as:
    • eating more fruit and vegetables
    • having a healthy breakfast every day
    • drinking enough water.

How About Non-Government Schools and Preschools?

Catholic Education and Independent education providers are encouraged to voluntarily introduce Right Bite into their school environment.

Where can I get More Information and Resources About Right Bite?

For more information and support, simply visit the Right Bite website.

Need More Ideas for Promoting Healthy Primary Schools?

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