Case Studies From Primary Schools Involved In Healthy Eating And Physical Activities

Clovelly Park Primary School Soccer Program

Clovelly Park Primary School had limited regular sporting activity programs in place.

The OPAL team in the City of Marion saw this as an opportunity to partner with the school and a local soccer provider to deliver a six-week ‘Come and Try’ lunchtime soccer program. 

The school’s teachers were involved in the initiative and the coaching roles were shared by OPAL and the soccer provider.

More than 150 boys and girls consistently attended the six-week program. Not only did the kids have fun through exercise, but their confidence and skill levels also improved. The school teachers involved also benefited by being trained in coaching techniques. 

Due to the popularity of the program, and the overwhelming student response to a structured physical activity, the school decided to create an official school soccer team, which is now registered and competes in the local league.

City of Charles Sturt ‘Make it a Fresh Snack’ Cook Off

Over 350 students, teachers, parents and grandparents packed the Woodville Town Hall for a ‘School Cook Off’ to showcase how easy and fun it can be preparing healthy snacks.

Participants came from Hendon, Seaton Park, Pennington and Woodville Primary Schools, Whitefriars Catholic College and Nazareth Catholic Community. The most popular dishes were fruit kebabs and vegie sticks with dip.

The judges, including Charles Sturt Mayor Kirsten Alexander, were impressed with the range and quality of the food students prepared.

‘Water. The Original Cool Drink.’ at Salisbury Downs Primary School

A partnership between Salisbury Downs Primary School and OPAL led to the school and the City of Salisbury installing an OPAL drinking fountain as part of the new recreation facilities at Salisbury Downs Primary School. 

The fountains raise awareness of water as the drink of choice for Salisbury families and improve access to drinking water. Following the success of this OPAL drinking fountains have also been installed at the Parafield Gardens Recreation Centre and the Salisbury Recreation Precinct.