Water The Original Cool Drink

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Remember water?

Cool, fresh water used to be a favourite drink for kids. But nowadays, there is so much choice in drinks and many are quite unhealthy. Water. The Original Cool Drink reminds us that plain water is a great drink choice for you and your family.

Replacing sweetened drinks with plain tap water can reduce the risk of tooth decay and assist with avoiding excess weight gain.

Girl drinking water from a drinking fountain

Ten tips for getting kids to drink more water (and save you money)

  1. Provide water or milk with all meals and snacks
  2. Always have a jug of fresh tap water on the bench
  3. Teach kids to help themselves to water, but to ask for other drinks
  4. Add ice or straws to the water for crunch and fun
  5. Buy refillable water bottles for your kids to take to school
  6. Pack water for outings so you don’t need to buy drinks
  7. Reduce temptation by not having sugary drinks in the house, except for special occasions
  8. Lead by example – make water your drink of choice
  9. As a family, plan what you’ll do with all the money you save
  10. Keep trying – changes take time, but the health of your children is a great reward.