What can I do as a parent to develop healthy learning?

Giving our children a great start to being healthy

There are many ways that, as parents, we can give our pre-schoolers a head start to being healthy such as:

  • Eating well during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Breastfeed if possible, as a mother’s breastmilk is the best and most natural food for babies, containing everything they need to grow strong and healthy
  • Setting up a healthy home environment that encourages the whole family to eat well and be active, and limiting time in front of computer or television screens
  • Set a good example because young children learn fast and develop their lifestyle habits at a very young age. It’s easy to be a great role model if you enjoy eating healthy, tasty food and being active together
  • Teach your children about healthy eating by growing;some fruit or vegetables that you can then pick fresh, cook and eat together
  • Support and encourage staff at your children’s playgroup, childcare or preschool to have activities that promote healthy eating and being active
  • Provide healthy food and drinks for children’s lunches and snacks when they attend playgroups, childcare and preschool.
  • If attending functions or events with your children and you’re taking food, try some of these great healthy catering ideas
  • If you’re involved in any fundraising for your child’s kindy, playgroup, childcare centre or preschool, why not try some healthy and fun fundraising alternatives.

What else is happening?

Take a look to see what’s happening around the community to help promote healthy eating and being active in the learning places for our under 5s.