Being active at different ages and stages

Good health for a lifetime

Eating well and being active is important at all stages of life, no matter how young or old we are.

However, because our bodies need different things at different stages of our life, what we eat and drink, and the types and how much physical activity we need, can vary throughout life.

A good beginning

Right from the start, healthy food and physical activity makes a big difference to our health – even before we are born – and pregnancy is a really important time to make sure that we keep ourselves active and healthy to give our babies the best possible start in life.

If you are having or thinking about having a baby, take a moment to read more about eating well and being active in pregnancy.

Babies and young children need plenty of healthy food and active play because this important time of life sets the foundations for lifelong health and learning.

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As they grow

Children and teenagers need healthy food and drinks and plenty of physical activity throughout their growing years.

Adults can help kids on the way to a healthy and active life by providing simple, tasty and healthy foods and by playing with and encouraging them to move, learn and play.

Discover all sorts of ways to get kids and teenagers to be more active.

Active adults

As adults, eating well and being active still makes a big difference to our health and can add to the quality and length of our life.

Sometimes it might seem hard to make the time to be active, but it’s worth the effort because not being active can lead to health problems now and down the track.

Re-discovering activities that we used to enjoy and trying new things and learning new skills can be exciting and rewarding.

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Active and healthy ageing

Eating well and being active is also really important as we get older. By trying to keep our bodies working as best they can, we can keep doing the things we love.

Through healthy eating and moving more, we can feel better no matter how old we are.

Discover how you can still be active, as you get older.