Flinders Medical Centre

Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) is the southern area's largest hospital and provides medical services for people living in the southern metropolitan area of Adelaide.

The hospital is co-located with the Flinders University School of Medicine and Flinders Private Hospital.

Flinders Medical Centre main entrance image

It is one of two major trauma centres in the state with around-the-clock emergency retrieval service bringing patients to the hospital by road or helicopter.

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FMC simulation interest group in action

Medical emergencies in the spotlight at FMC

Whole of hospital training simulation initiative

Bed exit system prototype

A new prototype tool capable of detecting when a hospital patient attempts to get out of bed is in development at Flinders Medical Centre.

Mosaic creates recycling rainbow at FMC

There’s no doubt the Recycling Nurse is visually stunning….but it’s the story behind the mosaic that makes it extra special.