Food, hospitality, travel, arts, tourism, events and accommodation

Visit the SA Government COVID-19 website for comprehensive information on the directions, restrictions and requirements that apply to business and industry operating in South Australia.

Food businesses

Certain restrictions remain on shared / communal food service and facilities. For more information, see the Public Activities Direction.

  • Food and beverages (including alcohol) must be consumed by patrons while seated at tables that are physically separate from any bar or where orders are taken. 
  • Any shared equipment and frequently touched surfaces must be cleaned between use by different individuals or groups.

Restrictions are applicable to:

  • Public venues (e.g. pubs, restaurants, cafes, wineries, breweries), including private events hosted at a venue.
  • BBQs / sausage sizzles
  • Food catering business

Resources for more information:

Pubs and clubs

The Guidance for use of pokies and gaming machine areas fact sheet (PDF 126KB) provides guidance for patrons and businesses using or running pokies/gaming machines.

Travel, transport and hotels

Accommodation service providers

Accommodation service providers who have guests in isolation or quarantine provide an important service for the community.  The following fact sheets will help to ensure your staff, other guests and the South Australian public remain safe and well.


Vehicles and other movable objects that are available for hire by members of the public for the purpose of tours or other recreational activities are a defined public activity under the Emergency Management (Public Activities) (COVID-19) Direction 2020. This means the person conducting the activity must:

  • Complete a COVID Safe Plan.
  • Keep contact tracing records.

The Guidance for transport and tour vehicles fact sheet (PDF 336KB) provides guidance for transport and tour vehicles of all types (excluding public transport) to operate safely and manage COVID-19 health risks.

The marine industry personal protection equipment (PPE) advice is currently being reviewed and will be available shortly.

Cinema and theatre operators

For guidance about seating arrangements in theatres and cinemas to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 read the COVID-19 Factsheet – Seating in cinemas and theatres (PDF 97KB).

Other resources


Fireworks displays

It is important for event and fireworks organisers to be aware that fireworks displays can create a spontaneous congregation of people that may beyond the control of the event organiser. For more information see Fireworks during COVID-19 advice (PDF, 127.5 KB).