COVID-19 Health System Response Strategy

As South Australia prepares to open borders and move towards living with COVID-19 in the community, SA Health is preparing the health and hospital system to cope with an increase of COVID-19 cases.

We are ensuring that people have increased access to vaccination, systems are in place to support people with COVID-19 to recover safely at home or in supervised and supported COVID-19 facilities, and public hospital capacity is preserved for people who are acutely unwell.

The COVID-19 Health System Response Strategy has been informed by the latest evidence, national and international experience and existing SA Health COVID-19 models of care that predict 95% of COVID-19 cases can be safely managed through home-based care or supervised facility-based care outside of the hospital setting. 

The system-wide response pathway outlines how and where patients will receive care. It is focused on providing the right care, in the right location, at the right time:

  • Mainstream GP Clinics will continue to support patients with non-COVID-19 health needs
  • GP Respiratory Clinics and Respiratory-Ready GP Clinics will support patients with respiratory health needs, including examining, assessing and treating COVID-19 symptoms
  • COVID-19 Testing Sites will continue to test and provide results to South Australians and the SA Health contact tracing team, and the COVID Response Care Team 
  • COVID-19 Contact Tracers will prioritise those cases that are high-risk to the community
  • COVID Response Care Team will oversee and coordinate all positive COVID-19 cases:
    • Level 1: 85% of people are expected to be able to be cared for in the community, which includes their homes and COVID Care Centres
    • Level 2: 10% of people are expected to require supervised and supported care, which will be delivered through Hospital in the Hotel and supervised regional care facilities
    • Level 3: 5% of people are expected to require acute care through emergency departments, hospital wards or Intensive Care Units.

Read the SA Health COVID-19 Health System Response Strategy (PDF 1MB) now.