Dental erosion

  • dental erosion is similar to coastal and land erosion
  • dental erosion dissolves tooth surfaces
  • frequent contact with acid from food, drinks and some medicines cause dental erosion
  • soft drinks, diet drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice and some foods are acidic

Tips to help prevent erosion

  • drink plain tap water – it’s the best drink
  • chew sugar free gum. It stimulates saliva protecting teeth
  • finish meals with milk or cheese, this helps neutralise acid
  • limit acidic food and drinks (citrus fruits, soft drinks or juice)
  • rinse your mouth with water after using asthma inhalers
  • brush your teeth and gums morning and night with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste
  • spit the toothpaste out, don’t rinse
  • avoid brushing your teeth straight after vomiting or after having acidic food or drinks, instead, smear some toothpaste on your teeth to freshen your mouth and help strengthen enamel, brush after 30 minutes

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