Dental care during pregnancy

Dental care before pregnancy…

  • Brush your teeth and gums morning and night.
  • Use a small, soft toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Plain tap water is the best drink.
  • Frequent snacking on sweet foods, soft drinks, cordials and fruit juice can lead to dental erosion and tooth decay.
  • Visit your dentist for a check-up.
  • If you’re a smoker, think about quitting. Call the Quitline on 137 848.

Dental care during pregnancy…

You may experience gum problems (bleeding and tenderness). Gently brush your gums when you brush your teeth.

  • If you gag when brushing, try later in the morning when the gag reflex may not be as strong.
  • A smaller brush might be helpful for the back teeth.
  • You may experience pregnancy sickness or gastric reflux – rinse your mouth with water after vomiting.
  • Try not to brush your teeth for 30 minutes after vomiting – this will give the enamel time to recover from the acid attack.
  • Visit your dentist in early pregnancy to have your teeth and gums checked. Don’t forget to mention you’re pregnant.
  • There is no truth to the old wives tale that ‘a tooth is lost with every pregnancy’.
  • Your baby’s teeth start developing in the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Once your baby is born, decay causing germs may be transferred from mother to child. Avoid sharing spoons with your child. Information is available to give your child’s teeth a healthy start.