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There are over two and a half million carers across Australia caring for people with all kinds of needs. Of this two and a half million, 245,000 people are living as unpaid carers in South Australia. Unpaid carers play an important role in supporting loved ones with a disability, frailty, mental illness or chronic condition to live their best possible life.

Being a Carer during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

As a Carer, during the COVID-19 pandemic you may be feeling concerned about what it means for you and the person you care for. Your role as a Carer already requires extra responsibility of caring for someone and is a commitment that is expected of you as a family member/friend.

You may be caring for someone who has a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, dementia, alcohol or drug related problem or someone who is elderly.

It is important for you as a Carer and the people you care about to remain well.

Please see the following useful links for further information and available support:
The COVID-19 Mental Health Support page provides information about mental health support for South Australians feeling overwhelmed or needing additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic. SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line – call 1800 632 753

Visit Carers SA for information about the services and support they are offering during COVID-19.

The National Carer Gateway provides the Carer Gateway Community Forum and COVID-19 information for Carers.

Additional information available on our SA Health website includes:

National Carer Survey

Every two years Carers SA conducts a survey with carers about a range of issues. The information generated enables Carers SA to better:

  • have carers’ voices heard
  • understand carer’s current needs, concerns and priorities
  • raise awareness of services and assistance available for current or future needs.

Past survey results have helped inform government, business and the wider community about issues carers are facing.

We invite all people with caring responsibilities to participate in the Carers SA – National Carer Survey 2020 by 30 June 2020.

National Carer Survey 2020
c/o Carers NSW
PO Box 785
North Sydney NSW 2059

The 2020 survey is of particular statistical interest because Carers SA have joined forces (and resources) as a research partner with Carers NSW, the National Network of Carer Associations and universities to collect data the from all states and territories into the first National Carer Survey.

National Carers Week - 11 to 17 October 2020

National Carers Week is an opportunity to promote carers and showcase the amazing work they do. It also provides an opportunity to educate the community about the role of carers and the types of carers that are out there.

SA Health uses National Carers Week as a celebration of all carers who are currently living in South Australian – thank you!

I’m a carer and I want to give feedback

Give us your feedback on what is good, what is bad and what you think we can do to make our health services better. The feedback you share helps to improve the quality of our health services.

We invite you to complete the Carer Feedback form.

Your Feedback is Important (information sheet) (PDF 263KB) contains more information for carers about providing feedback.

Carer Experience Survey

We invite all carers to complete the Carer Experience Survey. Your feedback will assist to improve the health care for your loved ones and help hospitals and healthcare services to deliver the sort of care that carers need and want.

Am I an unpaid carer?

Not all carers see themselves as a carer. For example, you might think that caring for someone who has a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, dementia, alcohol or drug related problem or someone who is elderly is a commitment that is expected of you as a family member/friend. Do you know that this makes you a carer and may mean you are entitled to government assistance and support services?

If you provide unpaid care and support to a person with specific needs, regardless of whether the care you provide is for one hour a day or 24/7, you are likely to be a ‘carer’ with help available for you.

Please refer to the Australian Government supported Carer Gateway for more information.

I am a carer and I want to get involved or connect with others

To get involved in a carer group please contact your local Consumer Engagement Coordinator (PDF 106KB), Carers SA, the Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia or the Carer Gateway.

Further information and support

Carers SA has a key role in leading change and empowering carers to participate in a partnership with government and health community sectors for the provision of better services to improve the conditions under which carers work. Carer organisations support and empower carers through services such as carer help and advice, counselling, education and training and respite.

Visit Carers SA or phone 1800 242 636.

Additional Information for carers

Resources are available to provide an overview of how you can partner with health care staff, tips for your wellbeing and a map with contact details of carer support organisations across South Australia. Taking care of your mental and physical health will increase the likelihood to stay well so that you can continue to support the person you are caring for.

Carer Gateway

The Carer Gateway is a national online service providing practical information and resources to support carers for example, coaching and counselling, financial advice, access to emergency crisis support, respite information and an online forum connecting carer communities.

Partnering with Carers Strategic Action Plan

The SA Health Partnering with Carers Strategic Action Plan 2017-2020 (PDF 381KB) was developed in collaboration with Carers SA to recognise and empower, through our commitment to ensure better carer engagement in health care decisions. The SA Health Partnering with Carers Strategic Action Plan 2017-2020 examines key issues and identifies priorities relevant to partnering with carers and the community.

Other key documents:

Partnering with Carers Policy Directive

The SA Health Partnering with Carers Policy Directive (463KB) was developed with Carers SA, Health Consumers Alliance (SA) and carer representatives to reflect the priorities and needs of unpaid carers and establish principles and standards.

The Policy Directive identifies what is important to carers, based on feedback from carers and includes clearly defined roles and responsibilities for SA Health staff.


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