EPAS training for SA Health staff, agencies and students

EPAS is currently active at the below sites:

  • Noarlunga Hospital
  • Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic
  • Aldinga GP Plus Health Care Centre
  • Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre
  • SA Ambulance Headquarters (Extended Care Paramedics, MedSTAR and Mental Health Triage teams) / Flinders Medical Centre (select service areas) – View-only access
  • Port Augusta Hospital and Health Service
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Marion GP Plus Health Care Centre

Administrative staff and clinicians working at these sites are able to access patient information electronically to order tests, medications and review results at the patient’s bedside and other points of care.

Prior to EPAS going live at each site, staff receive training and business change support to help them prepare for the new system. EPAS training is also provided to new staff on an ongoing basis at activated sites.

Do you require EPAS training?

If you’re starting as a new employee or transitioning to a hospital or health service where EPAS is being used then it’s important that you undertake training in the new system to ensure that you are prepared and have an EPAS login. Staff training in EPAS is arranged by the site in accordance with your start dates.

For more information

If you require more information on EPAS please contact the EPAS Program:


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