Cervical Screening Grants

Applications open: Cervical Screening Grants 2020

Wellbeing SA is now offering grants of up to $5,500 to general practices, NGOs and multicultural communities to encourage and increase participation of screening, primarily within the area of cervical screening, with an opportunity to also promote and increase bowel and cervical screening participation.

Grants fall under three categories:

  • Strategic Partnership Grants of up to $5,500 available to plan, implement and evaluate a cervical cancer prevention project
  • Small Community Grants of up to $1,100 available to run small events or activities aimed at supporting women to access cervical screening services
  • Clinic Extension Grants of up to $5,500 to enable cervical screening providers to extend clinic hours or support outreach clinics for overdue or never screened women

Grant applications are open until close of business, Friday 29 January 2021.

Information and application forms are available at the Open Your World website.

For any other enquiries, please email WellbeingSACANCERSCREENING@sa.gov.au.